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This is my LiveJournal for all my personal Sales, Commissions and the like. I run a clean legit business and I'm helping my friend out with her very own garage sale of sorts. She's already mailed me all of the items she want sold so all trasactions mostly come thru me. We both have good respectable feedbacks on ebay for both sales and buyer.

But after a certian point an time we feel Ebay's fee's have been ripping us off and we would rather cut out the middle man business and simply work directly from person to person.

All we ask is that -

1. You keep in contact from beging of transaction to End.

2. You don't bullshit us with payments. Time is money and we hate to hold things for people who never buy them.

3. We price things at how we feel they should be valued at. While we do give deals to our customers we do want to sell our items for as close to original price as possible. So please NO complaining about our prices.